Servin’ All Types of Radness

First things first, I FREAKIN love how this shoot came out!

Shondina and I connected through social media a while back, I had asked to work with her because she is one gorgeous Asdzaan (woman). Her style and eye for unique pairing of clothing always stuck out to me and I knew I had to work with her sometime in my lifetime haha.

Luckily, Shondina was in town for the weekend and she hit me up saying “I am here…lets create magic!” and we basically did that and more. I was able to do Miss Shondina’s makeup and photograph her, every minute hanging out with her was fun and filled with chatter!

Totally digging the 70’s vibes happening in the photos (I kept hearing BeeGee’s music playing in my head while we were shooting). Well, I am going to shut up now and let you guys see the photos.

S H O N D I N A     L E E

Instagram: @shondinalee






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