Let’s Create!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today I woke up feeling excited, a new energy has started to swirl around me and I am ready to take on a new year 🙂

While on the phone with my pal Onni we were discussing how we felt like this year has much potential to CREATE! Although it was a brief conversation, it has been looping in my head all day. So I decided to create a list!

What kind of list you may ask? A list of some photographers I am eager to collaborate with….also high key would want my portrait to be taken by them too 🙂 These are just some dope photographers that automatically popped into my head.


First on the list is Marissa 🙂


I fell in love with Marissa’s film work the first time I stumbled upon her instagram page. Her work speaks the truth and she has such a strong eye. We’ve tried a couple times to meet and shoot together but it never worked out, so I am counting on 2018 to bring us together to create photo magic!



Second is Eilene Beniquez


Ms. Eilene! I have yet to meet her but I am pretty positive she is a sweetie pie haha. Through messaging her on instagram I can already tell we vibe well with one another. Her project “The Women Project” is soooo beautiful! The portraits she has captured are so honest and real.



Third on the list is Katarina


Katarina aka Kool Kat, has been this whirlwind photographer! She is constantly on the go capturing many different types of photographs. Whenever I see her post I think “Man, I need to get on her level and photograph more!” Kat is indeed a Kool Kat, she captures so much energy in her photos and has so much vibrancy in every one of them. Hopefully we get to work together again sometime!



Fourth photographer is Onni aka Starboy


I’m sure y’all know of Onni through the adventures we have haha. I actually met Onni in our Color Photo class at ASU, we picked on each other and caused mayhem in the classroom haha! Onni has been a HUGE inspiration, his work is on another level and ahead of everyone. I would really like to collaborate with Onni because I know it would be a great deal of conceptual work, digging further than just how an image looks. I wanna challenge myself even more this year and I know working with Onni will do that because he truly is an incredible artist.



Fifth person on da list Leah


Leah is da bomb diggity! I remember I was in Holbrook with OXDX doing makeup for a photo shoot and Jared had mention Leah was coming. I nearly screamed from excitement because SHE IS QUEEEEEN! Getting to know Leah and her work has been a great privilege. Her work holds so much emotion, so much life! The way she uses color, point of view, and lighting is so incredible.



Next one up…Tomas Karmelo Amaya


Speaking of lighting….this dude is the master at shooting in any type of lighting. Tomas’s photographs are ALWAYS on point. His work inspires me so much, I always find myself looking at his posts whenever I need inspiration. Beautiful…beautiful work, I can barely put it into words. I feel like any description I try to give wouldn’t even properly express how beautiful his work is. To collab with Tomas would be hella dope.



Seventh photographer is Tenille


Tenille aka Sweetmoon Photography slaaaays at her portraits and her makeup! Her portraiture work is so vibrant and lively! I really hope I can collaborate with her sometime this year. I love her use of filters and how they compliment the photos. She’s also one of those photographers that is constantly creating too, she is such an inspiration.



Eighth photographer on da list is Eden


Miss Eden is so sweet, sincere and talented. The portraits she takes are effortless, she knows how to capture the perfect moment. I have been able to shoot with Eden before and it was a great time. She captures these very intimate photos that I wouldn’t have ever thought to capture, Eden truly sees the beauty in everything.






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