Photo Adventures T’ááła’í (One in Navajo)

Today, I had my first photo adventure for this year. I woke up and just had that urge to go out and photograph, so I made it happen. I think I am going to start pushing myself to do one photo adventure a month and post the photos here. Creating more is one of my goals for this year.

My friend Megan and I were already planning on hanging out but I decided to text her, I said “I’m bringing my camera, FYI!” Megan and I actually met at ASU in our Junior Photographic Projects class and have gone out to shoot several times, so she’s used to me snapping shots of her haha. It felt great getting out and shooting together again, felt like old times!

We literally shot in several different types of lighting which was great exercise for me. I love being challenged on how to get a good shot with whatever conditions you’re given. Anyways, before I start rambling about photo stuff I’ll just keep this relatively short and let you enjoy the shots I got today.

Special thanks to Megan for letting me photograph you! You slayed!




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