This summer I will be working on a big photo project and I decided to take my photography to a different level. I have always been hesitant to try strobe/artificial lighting because it is super technical…or at least I think it is haha. Anyways, to prepare for this summer’s project I wanted to try using strobe/artificial lighting outdoors.

I am all for looking up youtube videos but I knew it was best for me to be hands on with this process and needed to reach out to someone who has experience. Sloan is a really great photographer who has pretty much mastered the strobe lighting and I was thrilled he agreed to teach me his ways!

Here is his instagram 🙂

As a photographer I feel awkward and weird in front of the camera and I think Sloan feels the same way haha. Luckily, I was able to put a model call out on Instagram and we were able to get an amazing gal to pose for us. Tiffany SLAAAAYS so hard with her makeup and I am so happy she was able to help us out. I was able to work with Tiffany back in the fall time so I knew she would not disappoint and she’s just overall a super awesome friend. Yay for social media for bringing us together haha.

Here is Tiffany’s instagram 🙂

I am soooooo thrilled with how these images came out, I am sure I could use tons more practice but I just had to share them. It is super different from my natural light style but this is exactly what I am wanting for my upcoming project. Enjoy the photos!



A True Visionary

Once again Instagram has brought another beautiful individual into my life. Nate Lemuel is unlike any person I have ever known. In his presence I feel instant inspiration and a need to get my life together haha. His mind holds such creativity and profound visions, being able to listen to his photography concepts is an honor.

Nate and I have tried coming together several times to do some sort of photo shoot and we finally made it happen! Here is just a glimpse into what Nate Lemuel exudes, he is a being of many expressions and I am so grateful we were able to work together.



Hannah Bananananaaaa

Hannah is a pal I met through Instagram, she drove up from Tucson last year for a photo shoot and we hit it off right away. Not only do we have our names in common but we have pretty similar personalities as well. We both make ourselves laugh with our own jokes, we jam to the same tunes, and we both put ourselves into awkward situations haha.

This shoot was actually my first shoot for 2018, I just now got around to editing them! Hannah has such a great style and is truly a fun person to be around, I am thankful Instagram brought us together! I am planning on traveling down to Tucson soon to explore her part of town.

Hannah’s Instagram: navajoswearnikes


Photo Adventures Naaki (Two)

I met Lauren, Dani, and Jessica waaaaaaaay back in the day. We went to either the same elementary, middle or high school together and I was able to meet up with them this past week. These gals are so incredibly genuine and naturally gaaawgeous! I saw that Dani had come into town and the three were hanging out and I knew this was my chance to visit with them. Luckily, they were down to take photos and they freakin S L A Y E D!

We took the photos around Cartel in Tempe and we found some pretty adorable places to shoot at, always a plus for photo adventures! There are literally a bagillion more photos I could post but these are ones I knew I had to share. Enjoy!


Photo Adventures T’ááła’í (One in Navajo)

Today, I had my first photo adventure for this year. I woke up and just had that urge to go out and photograph, so I made it happen. I think I am going to start pushing myself to do one photo adventure a month and post the photos here. Creating more is one of my goals for this year.

My friend Megan and I were already planning on hanging out but I decided to text her, I said “I’m bringing my camera, FYI!” Megan and I actually met at ASU in our Junior Photographic Projects class and have gone out to shoot several times, so she’s used to me snapping shots of her haha. It felt great getting out and shooting together again, felt like old times!

We literally shot in several different types of lighting which was great exercise for me. I love being challenged on how to get a good shot with whatever conditions you’re given. Anyways, before I start rambling about photo stuff I’ll just keep this relatively short and let you enjoy the shots I got today.

Special thanks to Megan for letting me photograph you! You slayed!



Let’s Create!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today I woke up feeling excited, a new energy has started to swirl around me and I am ready to take on a new year 🙂

While on the phone with my pal Onni we were discussing how we felt like this year has much potential to CREATE! Although it was a brief conversation, it has been looping in my head all day. So I decided to create a list!

What kind of list you may ask? A list of some photographers I am eager to collaborate with….also high key would want my portrait to be taken by them too 🙂 These are just some dope photographers that automatically popped into my head.


First on the list is Marissa 🙂

I fell in love with Marissa’s film work the first time I stumbled upon her instagram page. Her work speaks the truth and she has such a strong eye. We’ve tried a couple times to meet and shoot together but it never worked out, so I am counting on 2018 to bring us together to create photo magic!



Second is Eilene Beniquez 

Ms. Eilene! I have yet to meet her but I am pretty positive she is a sweetie pie haha. Through messaging her on instagram I can already tell we vibe well with one another. Her project “The Women Project” is soooo beautiful! The portraits she has captured are so honest and real.



Third on the list is Katarina

Katarina aka Kool Kat, has been this whirlwind photographer! She is constantly on the go capturing many different types of photographs. Whenever I see her post I think “Man, I need to get on her level and photograph more!” Kat is indeed a Kool Kat, she captures so much energy in her photos and has so much vibrancy in every one of them. Hopefully we get to work together again sometime!



Fourth photographer is Onni aka Starboy

I’m sure y’all know of Onni through the adventures we have haha. I actually met Onni in our Color Photo class at ASU, we picked on each other and caused mayhem in the classroom haha! Onni has been a HUGE inspiration, his work is on another level and ahead of everyone. I would really like to collaborate with Onni because I know it would be a great deal of conceptual work, digging further than just how an image looks. I wanna challenge myself even more this year and I know working with Onni will do that because he truly is an incredible artist.



Fifth person on da list Leah

Leah is da bomb diggity! I remember I was in Holbrook with OXDX doing makeup for a photo shoot and Jared had mention Leah was coming. I nearly screamed from excitement because SHE IS QUEEEEEN! Getting to know Leah and her work has been a great privilege. Her work holds so much emotion, so much life! The way she uses color, point of view, and lighting is so incredible.



Next one up…Tomas Karmelo Amaya

Speaking of lighting….this dude is the master at shooting in any type of lighting. Tomas’s photographs are ALWAYS on point. His work inspires me so much, I always find myself looking at his posts whenever I need inspiration. Beautiful…beautiful work, I can barely put it into words. I feel like any description I try to give wouldn’t even properly express how beautiful his work is. To collab with Tomas would be hella dope.



Seventh photographer is Tenille

Tenille aka Sweetmoon Photography slaaaays at her portraits and her makeup! Her portraiture work is so vibrant and lively! I really hope I can collaborate with her sometime this year. I love her use of filters and how they compliment the photos. She’s also one of those photographers that is constantly creating too, she is such an inspiration.



Eighth photographer on da list is Eden

Miss Eden is so sweet, sincere and talented. The portraits she takes are effortless, she knows how to capture the perfect moment. I have been able to shoot with Eden before and it was a great time. She captures these very intimate photos that I wouldn’t have ever thought to capture, Eden truly sees the beauty in everything.





Servin’ All Types of Radness

First things first, I FREAKIN love how this shoot came out!

Shondina and I connected through social media a while back, I had asked to work with her because she is one gorgeous Asdzaan (woman). Her style and eye for unique pairing of clothing always stuck out to me and I knew I had to work with her sometime in my lifetime haha.

Luckily, Shondina was in town for the weekend and she hit me up saying “I am here…lets create magic!” and we basically did that and more. I was able to do Miss Shondina’s makeup and photograph her, every minute hanging out with her was fun and filled with chatter!

Totally digging the 70’s vibes happening in the photos (I kept hearing BeeGee’s music playing in my head while we were shooting). Well, I am going to shut up now and let you guys see the photos.

S H O N D I N A     L E E

Instagram: @shondinalee